Tony and I would Love to meet you, sing you a song, share a story. We write, sing and play because it is who we are...

Loss, tragedy, love, struggle, joy and pain, we express in music...

Kim and Tony have compiled original songs and recreate cover songs in a new interpreted way. They are releasing a new cd early 2013 . They create a very intimate venue. It's emotional, and their songs make you, the audience "feel" a connection. Take the time to take a listen. 

Kim's mission and destiny in writing and performing original music is exemplified in one simple yet profound thought…"music feeds my soul and if I can reach you with a lyric, I have fulfilled my purpose."

We are based out of the Orlando, Florida area, and are currently booking performances locally and regionally.
"Our music is an intimate expression. There is no greater feeling than to "connect" with people on the level like we do in our performances." Our song selections range from our own originals, to some acoustic rock, acoustic pop, adult contemporary, folk rock and ballads. We like to have come join us. We can't wait to see you at the show!"

"Kim Hightower is a singer/songwriter/musician who has teamed up with some other musicians who share her vision, to create a special blend of original songs with new acoustic and classic rock covers, as well as ballads. Invite them to perform at your next private party or your live music establishment for a great time. 
As a Baltimore native, Kim Hightower was mesmerized by her father's gift as a Lounge Singer. Learning to love torch songs of his generation, and getting her first guitar were stellar moments for Kim.

Once asked during an interview why she wanted to pursue music, Kim replied "I feel like music is something I have to do. During our lives, we experience loss, tragedy, love, struggle, joy and pain. Music should be therapy for everyone. It is a neccessity for me."

Kim creates a bluesy rock sound and feel, that blends seemlessly with other styles.

On her first CD, "Cemetery Road", Kim embraces the many facets of human emotion. Her continuously growing catalogue of original music carries on this same style of writing. Kim’s songs and performances have a way of drawing you in and penetrating your soul. Once you’ve experienced her music, the words will encourage you to listen more intently and to understand their meaning more deeply. Many people have said that they relate to the songs’ subject matter and have been moved and affected by them emotionally.

Her goal  in writing and performing original music is exemplified in one simple yet profound thought…"music feeds my soul and if I can reach you with a lyric, then I am closer..."

Kim's debut CD "Cemetery Road" is now available for purchase! Please click here to be taken to the music page where you can view the available options. You can either download the entire album, download songs individually or purchase a hard copy to be mailed out to you.

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Thank you for all your support!

Tony & Kim